Flipstick the seat stick

activera® presents Flipstick the unique seat stick

When attending a concert open-air theatre or trade fair in Hanover the Flipstick is your companionSeats at events and functions

are not always given or available in sufficient numbers. Standing for long periods with tired legs and back pain?
Leave a standing party or garden festival early because of this?
Not with the seat stick from activera. Our seat sticks will be your constant companion at a garden fair or event in the future. So they can also sit down in between and at eye level.

Resting and sitting down in case. But park benches are not everywhere

Crutches forearm crutches and walking aids

. Disadvantaged people and groups of people who cannot cover long distances despite a walking stick due to health restrictions should also receive support and help when walking, travelling or shopping with our walking stick with integrated seat.
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Longer walks are easier and better with our walking aids.
This new type of walking aid improves your freedom of movement and maintains your independence.

Sit down - whenever and wherever you like !
You will not always come across free seats or find a free bench.
Often you don't even know if there are actually any seats nearby.

Imagine you are going to a museum, hiking by a lake or in the mountains, or just going shopping.
It would be nice if you could find free, dry and clean park benches.
But what if you would like to rest a little in between?
Or you meet an acquaintance, you have a lot to talk about, but the static standing gives you trouble?

Wouldn't it be nice if you always had a suitable seat handy for when you're on the move?

Just take your seat with you, because with the Flipstick seat stick you always have the suitable and, above all, a clean seat ready. Our walking stick Flipstick is not only a walking stick ,but also a walking aid with fold-out seat.

Our walking sticks are a useful everyday aid for seniors and those who need a walking aid due to a disability/handicap. Why use old-fashioned crutches or walking sticks with only one function?

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Our everyday help is not only chic and functional, but above all cheap.

With a Flipstick, you'll never have to sit on a cold park bench or cool,wet stones againThe Flipstick walking stick is simply good for the life-(h)feeling!

Rediscover the joy of your hobby and enjoy your free time. The Flipstick walking stick is a walking aid that provides you with the help you need. It is light as a feather, stable and safe.
The walking stick weighs less than 600 grams*, supports up to 130 kilograms* (*model-dependent) and - thanks to its rubber foot - is non-slip. 

For those who also want to enjoy nature again, the Flipstick terrain attachment can be used for the walking stick.

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